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Two kinds of people:

People who took the news of feathered dinosaurs like this:


And those who took it like this:




I think about this post a lot.

Wait, hold the presses- they had feathers? Awesome!

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You are gone & I have to remember
that you will never get to see me wearing
nothing but a peach sunrise & I will never
know what your lips taste like, never drag
my tongue like a pen outlining the V
of your pelvis & you will forget what
my voice sounds like, forget what you felt,
forget the fear, the pain, become brand new
with all your emptiness. I will not know
how you spend your days & you will check up
on me passively, hidden in shadows, the small
scent of regret still lingering on your clothes
& I will live loudly, at a volume I know you can hear,
so as to never lose touch completely & we will
move on, acting as if nothing ever happened,
& wondering why we never feel whole.

Moriah Pearson, when soul mates walk in separate directions 
(via mooneyedandglowing)
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for you
i write with horizons,
fused pulsations 
of light 
and burning skies.
what a dangerous place this,
what i have carved
love into
a whisper in your hand, a kiss,
it is all i have to give.

the dust dances too

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Beautiful friend,
where have you gone
all the flowers
and trees
speak your quiet songs
and I’m tired,
beautiful friend,
while I’m
still awake
and don’t you know
it’s only because
I’m missing
the lines
of your lovely face

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